download offline OSM Map

i want get a web app and use OSM offline map in this app
how to download OSM offline map?

in what app do you mean exactly??
on what hardware?

If you are using leaflet to implement your map, then you might want to look at which seems to save tiles for offline use (I’ve not yet tested it).

But as it’s a cache rather than a true offline source, you need to “pre-visit” the areas you need while online, and this is probably not as easy as it sounds, even assuming that you have a service (landline, wifi, mobile) to access the tiles in the first place. Not only do you need to “visit” everywhere in the area, but you also need to do it at several zoom levels.

But then, if you’re using OSM tile servers and wanting to download more than a very small area, you’ll need to look at – but the short answer is you may need to look at third party tileservers **derived **from OSM data, rather than using osm tileservers directly.