Download large datasets with filters

I am currently working on a map using mapbox, but I needed more geographical data for it, so I decided to use OpenStreetMap data. Until now, I could test my map with a not too large dataset downloaded in geojson format directly on overpass turbo. However, when I try to use overpass Turbo to download the complete dataset (something around 100 Mo in xml), my navigator (chrome, edge) just crashes.
So I looked for other options :

  • download xml data directly with overpass api, and then convert it to geojson using osmtogeojson. Problem : due to an encoding problem probably, the file is not recognized by mapbox.
  • split the query into smaller ones I can download in overpass turbo. Problem : I can’t find a proper way to merge these afterwards…
  • use JOSM to make the query and then export it in geojson. Problem : it fails to export such a large dataset…

Here is my complete query :


Can someone help me to find a solution ?


Have you considered downloading what you need from:

Ile de France from Geofabrik

and then filter/convert data in that file with the following tools:


When I need data from osm, that’s the source and tools I allways use if the needed dataset is bigger/more complex than what I can get from overpass.
Does your endresult have to be in geojson format?