Download bus routes data


I use Overpass Turbo to download data about public transportation in London for academic research needs.
Eventually I need to have all the transit routes in London, each in one feature with attributes that contain its route name.
The problem is that route is not a feature in OSM but a relation of different road features and when I download it I don’t have any of the route attributes but only the roads attributes.
The only solution I found is to download each route separately, merger the segments in ArcGIS and add the attributes manually, but there are more than 500 routes in London.
Is there a way to add the route’s attributes when I download the data?


When you download the raw OSM data via overpass-turbo for each transportation route, I assume that the attributes of the relation itself is still there.

So it seems to be a matter about the data storage or the software you want to work further.

What data format do you export from overpass-turbo in detail? Tell us in detail how you want to proceed with that data.

I download in geojson format and use QGIS to convert it to shapefile so I can work on it with ArcGIS. Is there a better way?

Yes, you can use the QuickOSM plugin in QGIS to directly perform a query inside QGIS.