Doubts about osm2World, textures, limits, ...

I am a Spanish student who is carrying out a project based in Madrid. I have been attracted to using OSM2World as I need a tool that allows me to create a 3D model of the city in a dynamic way but I have several questions.

You provide a texture package but it doesn’t load correctly, I don’t know if it’s because of a disparity in the map labels, as it’s from Spain and not Germany where the software has been developed. Any other texture packages besides the official one? Any focused on Spain/Madrid?
Also, while making tests I noticed that, when creating the maps, a layer is not included for some areas of the city, like the sidewalks for the pedestrians. This results in that when exporting the 3D model there are gaps where the character “falls”. Is there any parameter to solve this? I have seen that there is a createTerrain parameter that does something similar, but personally I don’t understand very well how this parameter works.

Thank you very much for your help, I hope you can solve my doubts.

Hi, sorry to hear the default textures are not loading correctly for you. Using OSM2World in Spain shouldn’t be a major problem except for country-specific details like traffic signs, which may not look right with the default configuration. Could you give a few more details about this problem? Do you get an error message or visual issues?

As for the missing sidewalks, could you please share an example OpenStreetMap file (ideally a small one) where you observe this kind of error? I’d like to reproduce it on my machine.