Double-checking tagging (why something is not rendering) boundary=*

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone can tell me why the following feature is not rendering, and if I have done something wrong.

As far as I can tell there is nothing wrong and the feature should be rendering on Mapnik, but nothing has yet appeared, despite me marking tiles as dirty.

I look forward to your replies,


There were technical problems in the last days.
Probably the rendering is delayed.

Hi Muralito,

That’s good to hear it wasn’t something wrong with my tagging :slight_smile:

I can feel happy its worthwhile to spend the time mapping the rest of the stuff.

Yeah I just found it a bit confusing when some other changes I made appeared on the map, but not this one for some reason.

EDIT: Above feedback is inaccurate, the problem was that it is not rendered if the tags are on a way, and the tags should instead be part of a relation

It appears that there is something else going on. This issue is unrelated to what was described.
The tagging I have used does not result in it being rendered, despite that it should have been.

Does OSM (CartoCSS) still render admin_level=10?
I have tried the following on ways.

  1. admin_level=10 + boundary=administrative + place=suburb > RENDERS NOTHING
  2. place=suburb + admin_level=10 > RENDERS NOTHING
  3. place=suburb > RENDERS NOTHING
  4. admin_level=10 boundary=administrative > RENDERS ONLY NAME (PURPLE) does not render boundary

I know (100%) going back a year or two that admin_level=10 was rendered on ways (and it even says it is in the Wiki).

It seems like is MUST be a relation to be rendered, even if it is only a single way.

Note for future reference, best practice is to not apply tags to separate ways (unless something relates only to that way), and only apply tags to a relation.
Tags on the relation should include:
and other tags as appropriate

This is a way

These is a relations.

It should not need to be.