Doors & Steps

I am new to indoor mapping and I’m a little but confused about how to draw and tag properly doors and steps.
I follow IndoorOSM scheme and it does not exactly say how to do it.
I have already mapped a building in my town (relation
Can somebody explain my doors and steps tagging rules? Ty in advance

Another things which are not mentioned in scheme:

  1. Should rooms stick to each other or not? When yes, should I make every room as a seperate relation or just duplicate ways and make polygons?

Hi tweant,

A door is tagged like a building entrance: entrance=yes. Steps are tagged with highway=steps.
I cannot answer your third question, sorry!


3rd question:
there are 2 movements:
A. every rooms are separate polygons
B. Rooms are relations, every way is only once.

I think, B is better, because You can add only once width= and height= as attributtes of the lines which are parts of relation. The result is the cleam 3D model.
In this cas You need only once the door as a point. Also the ways to the rooms are easy done - with the end on each door.