Don't se my loaded track after a deleted track

After that I delete a track, I dont need the points more. The points are still there. After that I’m load a new track but I dont se it.
I can se in the little preview window that it is the right track.
Then I try to load the same track again but I still don’t see it.

What is wrong?

Why do you want to delete your tracks?

:shock: :shock: :shock:

I’m don’t completely understand what you mean.

Do you mean that on the openstreetmap edit page, points can’t been seen for parts of your route, even though on the preview image in the ‘gps traces’ area, the whole route is shown?

I seen in the “GPStraces” view in the little preview image that my trace have been upploded and have the right form.
When I then switch over to edit page. I only see the deleted track and my earlyer.

Yes I think i dont need traces after that I make the streets. They only take place in the databas.

I think most people keep the traces forever, it means that the positions of streets can be made more accurately, as it means they have been logged more than once. I once deleted all my traces, but then decided to put them back again.

I think i get you. Ive had this problem. The gps data sometimes does not seem to appear in the online editor for a couple of days, (sections of it anyway).

If you can see the whole route in the pink preview box, then it is there…its just the online editor doing something odd.

I use the ‘offline’ editor now, and that seems to get all the gps points straight away, and is a lot quicker. (java openstreetmap)

Yeah I agree, its best to leave them all there i think.

I use another computer (a better one) and that I’m use now. Have to look again to see if it’s come up. I think i have to try the program you talk about.

And yes. I should leave them.