Does your country community use any specific protocol for proposal moderation and incidents response?

How does your country’s community moderate:

A) incidents response

  • what is considered an infraction? (e.g. unintentional/intentional vandalism? mapper not responding to changeset comments? mapper intentionally going against country wiki? )
  • who moderates the initial report and inform/warn the original mapper, or involve DWG for a temporary block?

B) country wiki proposals:

  • who moderates the discussion?
  • what is the voting mechanism? (who can vote? how many votes are required? how long the vote is open?…)
  • who will update the country wiki accordingly?

Context: my community has zero written guidelines, resulting in a lack of decisive actions to improve wiki and prevent vandalism, making it an unhealthy environment for well-intentioned mappers.

Looking for inspiration and ideas from other communities who may have a specific protocol in place.

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Maybe the @osmf-data-wg has some guidance here on what’s not acceptable and how decision making is done.

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