Does this mass POI Import look right to you?

Yesterday, I noticed duplicate POIs, with nonstandard tagging, had been added to my neighborhood.

Could someone with more experience take a look at the user DACGroups contributions? It looks to me like a mass (5,107?) import of POIs that will need cleaning up.


amenity=Furniture Store

I have written a message here

P.S. It seams it should be stopped!

amenity=Family Restaurant

And now, they have edited some of their mass adds, despite there being duplicates and the street name not matching the actual street.

Just a guess, but I imagine the OSM user DACGroup belongs to the DAC Group marketing company

I had corrected some tags and merged their duplicate node into the building polygon, but they still edited that node again, resulting in a zany building shape.

They are still at it.

I’ve commented on the third update of a node near me…

I see now, that their block has been extended to 9 years.

Yesterday’s edits near me were similarly clueless - they didn’t even read any comment or message in the first block. Glad they are in ban and revert territory.