Does the routing work for anyone?

Anyone who know what happend to the routing website?

Well, the routing database update process ran out of disk space last night so I’m doing a manual rebuild atm

It’s much nicer than open routing service btw, much less options which is good.

Well I’m stuck currently because Gosmore refuses to rebuild an up-to-date database file so the whole website is useless atm.

Ok, the routing service appears to be functioning again. Finally. I’m sorry it took so long but it needed a patch for Gosmore to fix it (for now).

What was the problem with gosmore?

Usually some structures get too big for the native variables used in Gosmore (on the NL server this is 32bit) causing a segmentation fault. So it is possible that one weekly dump works fine and the next causes Gosmore to crash due to its increase in size. Nic Roets and I have gone through several versions of Gosmore in the past weeks because of this.

:-/ Would be nice with a version that can handle big inputs on a 32 bit machine… Since most handhelds will be 32b in the forseeable future.

That depends, if you want to route from e.g. Sweden to Spain then a handheld is going to need quite some time to calculate a route. So the useability with really large maps is questionable, but it would be nice to be able to handle North and South America on a 32bit machine as well.

Yes but, I might very well go from Malaga to Jokkmokk, and having the whole map in the device would be very helpfull. Considering the amount of diskspace available it’s not a big deal, though memorywise it very bad. . Hmm… Perhaps us jet setters aren’t the intended audience… :sunglasses:

I’ll have to have a thorough look at Gosmore since I failed to get it to compile for my ARM handheld.

Hey Lambertus,
Ik zie dat je als fietser wel over de provinciale weg wordt gestuurd, en niet over het naastliggend fietspad. Waar ik woon (Zuid-Holland) is dat helaas verboden… :slight_smile:

bicycle=no toevoegen aan de provinciale weg :slight_smile:

PS. Dit is een Engelstalig subforum…

Why not avoid all primary (and maybe even tertiary) roads unless marked with bicycle=yes?

Because routing isn’t about the Netherlands only and in many parts of the world ppl are allowed to cycle over primary roads. There’s a huge discussion going on about this on the talk mailinglist…Personally, I tag every primary road with bicycle=no where appropriate.

So you are going to need different rules for diffrent countries, Nic is going to have to accept that. Or change all the editors to show the defaults for the country you are editing… :slight_smile: Funny isn’t it.

Yes, it’s an interesting discussion. Nic is IMHO viewing it from an IT professional look while I (also IT prof) tend (or try to tend) to view this from the newbie’s perspective. I feel that the success of OSM depends heavily on the ease by which newbies get acquainted and familiar with the tools. Newbies know (ar at least have an idea) about the local rules of their country and to them it would be stating the obvious when they have to add bicycle=no to motorway’s: ‘It is not allowed to cycle on motorways in (say) NL so why do I still have to add those tags?’. Too much hassle will turn those much needed newbies away.

That is the main reason why I place responsibility for proper handling of all those different rules into the applications that use the OSM data. Those are the people who have some sort of ‘mission’ and are/should be willing to to some extra work to get things right.

Maybe we can let a bot do something like that…? I agree with you that no newbie will add all those tags. For the software it should be not to difficult to determine wheter a road lies in NL or in Norway (for example) and apply the correct routing-scheme… However, This situation:
the cycle-way-route is just a bit longer. (Say, 50 m) So the routingsoftware should avoid the main-road anyway (IMHO)… Greetz and btw: I like the appliction much!!

And that’s why we need a nice osmlib to do the hard work, like looking up national defaults, which is common to all clients.

Unfortunately this discussion on the NL mailinglist showed that you are allowed to cycle on a lot of primary roads in cities so you can’t do a mass update everywhere in NL (which is certainly possible using OSMXAPI), unless this situation is extremely rare…