Does OSM keep track of repaving

Recently made a comment about a footpath in a park being repaved in 11/2023. Was told that OSM does not keep track of repaving.

Perhaps OSM should keep track of repaving as repaving of footpaths is not really so often, though I don’t know what you mean by often. I have lived here over 30 years and this is the first repaving of that foot path in 30 years. I know NYC has a calendar of repaving streets and it repaves whether they need it or not. This repaving is notable as its NYC Parks and such events are infrequent.

If there is a way of specifying a repaving date, then I don’t know the appropriate tags.

So how does the repaving affect the usability and appearance of the path? Is it smoother now?


You can use smoothness to specify how smooth it is.

You can add check_date:smoothness to specify the date it was checked.


Definitely smoother, no longer crumbling, no holes. The former paving was removed for about a month during that time that certain entrances to the park were officially closed off but reopened by unofficial means (probably dog walkers).

Thanks. That would do it. I like the check_date:smoothness tag.


This gallery may be useful to determine which smoothness to set given which surface the path is:


This is fabulous. And I know someone who skates all over New York City and smoothness is very relevant to him.