Does maxstay:conditional=120 minutes @ (Mo-Sa 9:00-21:00) behoove correction?

Something not done every days, but since everywhere you look here at city supermarket parkings the new boards pop up saying the first 1-1.5-2 hours are free, but if you overstay you have to fork over 30-40 Euro, fully automated license plate reading. Found while checking up, not a biggy, a TagInfo sample that somehow makes me think this was an tag that got replicated 2340 entries (maybe with JOSM Gridify)


The one I’m applying for the parking of todays mapping

maxstay:conditional=60 minutes @ (Mo-Fr 08:00-20:00) or as the sign says 1 hours @ (Mo-Fr 08:00-20:00), hour in the plural even at 1.

Anyway, for someone who likes scripting a correction to 120 minutes @ (Mo-Sa 09:00-21:00), at least think a leading zero is missing :eyes:

OT/ Oh, think it’s one for @Friendly_Ghost since it’s all in one place on 2340 parking spaces in Diemen. Not on-topic, why would one tag that on individual spaces and not on parking areas and why in a pure residential zone is a different question… maybe to make room for the commuters returning home in the evening. Moi at least sticks all the tags, paving types, lighting on the parking areas and only disabled, normal, delivery etc on the spaces to keep it simple. Often here the disabled parking spaces have smooth paving and the rest grass_paver, the newer ones that is, whilst the parking aisles are mostly asphalt. /OT

Personally I wouldn’t bother with maxstay tags on parking spaces. Just put all the tags on the parking lots.

PS: you don’t need parentheses around the opening hours in your example.

As already written, I would only add maxstay to parking spaces if there are different values per space. Otherwise it is just fine to only tag the amenity=parking with it.
120 minutes or 2 hours does not matter as a parser needs to understand both. So the only thing to correct is the minor issue with the missing leading zero for 9:00.

For representation and support, better use maxstay=120 minutes + maxstay:conditional=unlimited @ (21:00-09:00; Su)

The votes are in and of course Osmose does not agree which are simple period restrictions oneway:conditional=yes @ Jun 15-Aug 31

edit: The pin text on the map for these


I like ‘style’ whether needed or not.

It’s like my HP calculator that does it’s thing in reverse polish.