Does building=house + building:flats=2 make sense for these?

There a style of small residential buildings in my city (Halifax, Nova Scotia) that I’m not sure how to tag. They are essentially two flats stacked on top of each other in a building the size of a large house. They either have one front door leading to a small lobby, or two close together at the front of the building.

Here are two from streetview:

The best combo I can think of is building=house + building:flats=2

Here’s the other tags I’ve considered:

  • building=semi feels close, but the wiki explicitly says that the two halves should share a wall.
  • building=semidetached_house is essentially a duplicate of building=semi.
  • building=apartments doesn’t feel appropriate for something this small.

Not a house, not an apartment block… building=residential

In Britain there are purpose-built blocks with multiple entrances and I have been using building=maisonette for them. I stick to building=house for conversions.