Does anyone have the HistoryDump tool source code?

Is the historydump tool written by @LarsF open source, and if so does anyone know where I can take a look at the source code? The link given near the bottom of this page seems to be broken (or I’m not allowed!)

This is a blast from the past!
I wrote this over 10 years ago.

I have to admit that I don’t know if I still have the source for this somewhere but I’ll try to remember to take a look when I’m home.

Feel free to ping me next week if I don’t get back to you!

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I just checked and I’m afraid I can’t find the source anymore.
It’s not on bitbucket anymore, I can’t find it on my harddrive either.
I assume it got lost on some migration.

How important is this?

Code archaeology time!

I checked svn and trac tickets, and there’s no mention of historydump. I also checked chef, and there’s no mentioned going back to when we introduced the public chef repo. Looking at the earliest full history file publicly available, history_2013-02-05_1701.osm.bz2, the XML starts with

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><osm version="0.6" generator="OpenStreetMap" timestamp="2013-02-05T17:01:47Z" copyright="OpenStreetMap and contributors" attribution="" license=""><bound box="-90,-180,90,180" origin=""/

And yes, it’s one line. The entire file is one very long line.

Looking at history-141222.osm.bz2, it was made with planet-dump-ng which we now use for all planet files. It also isn’t all on one line.

I know we released history dumps infrequently, then did them weekly on an experimental basis with planet-dump-ng. I checked the deep archives and it looks like we started in late 2014. I didn’t look at any of the files because they cost money to restore.

If you did find the historydump code, I do not believe it could be run against the current database. We had problems with Osmosis generation failing because it held open a transaction too long, generating the full history would be worse, and the tool might not even support 64-bit IDs.

So it looks like that line was correct in the early 2010s, but has been incorrect for a long time. I’ll remove it.

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As a follow-up note, most of that wiki page is incorrect or irrelevant. It needs a complete rewrite, which is more than I want to do right now. I would not recommend writing any software based on the current contents.


Maybe mass removal of misleading contents would be a good idea?