Documenting in use tag: cycleway=sidewalk - review is welcomed

Please, improve that wiki page of something is wrong or missing.

The cycleway tag is used on street highways to document the cycling infrastructure that is present on or next to them. You document this tag as a subtag of highway=cycleway. I don’t think that the same key should have two different meanings. I am also not sure if this tag may be used for some people on street highways with the meaning of “you can cycle on the sidewalk here”.

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overpass turbo - 67 uses, 1.3% of cycleway=sidewalk is used like cycleway=separate

In general yes, but this in use tag is different. I guess that it can be candidate for automated edit if there is a replacement considered as superior and people could be convinced that replacement is worth it.

Or maybe some alternative needs to be invented.

It may be also worth mentioning that this tag breaks typical use of cycleway tag. Maybe with existing alternative tagging considered as preferred.

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Maybe something like cycleway:type=sidewalk would work. Or using is_sidepath instead, which also has the advantage of being compatible with path, footway and cycleway, removing the need for three separate tags meaning the same thing.

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Add is_sidepath link in See also, but without mentioning potential reasons for preferring it.

footway=sidewalk is quite deeply rooted at this point

We also use cycleway=crossing as the counterpart to footway=crossing, so I don’t see why we wouldn’t want to have a counterpart to footway=sidewalk. It’s just that to me, the meaning of “sidewalk” is inherently tied to “walking” and not “riding a bike”. But since I’m not a native speaker, I’m not going to argue about the wording of the value and leave it to the experts.

My understanding of footway=sidewalk is that there is path that is physically separate, usually with a kerb, from the road surface. Does reusing the sidewalk value mean that bikes can use the same path or have thier own?

Ugh, this is a bit of a mess.

is_sidepath=yes is a useful tag and in wider use. I don’t think it’s necessarily wise to promote tag proliferation.

cycleway=sidewalk is problematic because, as @Discostu36 says, cycleway= is traditionally used as an attribute of a motor-traffic highway.

I’d prefer people to be encouraged to use is_sidepath=yes tbh, even if the key itself is a bit Denglish.


Fell free to add it to wiki page! (we have some wiki pages that are basically “this tag is terrible idea for following reasons”)

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