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Hi Thailand OSM team,


I am Anjali, working for Dhisigma Pvt. Ltd. , Kochi, Kerala, INDIA. We are working with Rickett, Thailand for a Route optimization project. As a part of the project, we get GPS tracker data from their SFA and identify the gaps in the Map. We plan to compare these locations with satellite images and update the OSM. Recently one of my team members mary.sheetal@dhisigma received an email raising concern about undocumented changes being made. Please accept our apologies for not following the guidelines of the Thailand community as we were unaware of the same. I request you to guide us through the steps needed to proceed about the same.

Thanks and regards
Anjali Ajith

Hi Anjaly,

Thanks for reaching out to the forum.

Please kindly refer to the OpenStreetMap Organised Editing Guidelines

I believe you will need to document your campaign activity including a list of your mappers in a public wiki and reference it in your mappers changeset comments with a URL or hashtag.

I have personally contacted Mary after noticing many new short unclassified road additions, some with low quality (overlapping buildings, misalignment, invisible connection, unconnected highway). What I also noticed is that you use strictly only highway=unclassified and have even changed some existing mapper contributions.

Are you saying all additions/changes you have made and will continue making are solely based on GPS data? or are you also adding new roads with satellite imagery?

FYI, highway=unclassified is reserved for minor traffic-trough roads. In your case, most of your additions are either residential, service, or track.

You may refer to the Thailand wiki for more guidelines on how to choose an appropriate highway tag:

If you are unsure what classification to use, please use instead highway=road.
Also, please kindly avoid changing existing highway classifications without local knowledge.

Hi ,

We are going through the OpenStreetMap Organised Editing Guidelines and trying to figure out how to go about documenting our activity on the wiki. Any help in this regard would be appreciated. Meanwhile I have conveyed to Mary, your concerns regarding wrongly naming of roads as unclassified and changing existing mapper contributions. The changes made by our mappers are based on the GPS data provided to us by our end user , after verifying the satellite images. our mapping team will hold making changes until the issues are sorted out


Hi Anjali,

Here is a global list of current and completed activities:

You will find down the page some useful samples e.g.

You could add a new page for your activity to the wiki and append it to the list of activities.
You will need to pick some unique hashtag to be used in the changeset comments.