Do These Edits Seem Legitimate?

I’m a beginner to OSM myself, so I’m not sure what to make of this – do the edits from the below user seem legitimate? I don’t think it’s vandalism, but the edits seem rather odd.

I only use the basic ID Editor in a browser, so therefore don’t know how to view the before/after edits, etc., but it looks like they’re removing lagoons and islands from lakes, but I’m not sure for what purpose?

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Those changes do not seem to reflect what I see in Bing imagery for the area. So my first reaction is that look suspicious. Mapper is new and only been mapping for a couple weeks so I don’t know if changes made due to inexperience or not.

I would note that the mapper seems to be using ESRI imagery so some differences are to be expected.

I typically use (and change changeset id in link to see edit)

would be applicable here

I wanted to advise asking in changeset comments but I see Changeset: 147259432 | OpenStreetMap already :slight_smile:

Is is possible that these changes aren’t human edits and are AI-generated?

Extremely unlikely from what I know - is there anything to suggest this?

Maybe the water level makes those island appear / disappear in the imageries?

Except there are some sizable plant/trees showing in the imagery I looked at. To me that indicates they are seldom covered with water.

Looking at one of these edits in achavi, a dam outline, a meadow outline, a footway ring from the outside inwards. Can see the plot in the water, a lake at that, not really tidal of nature.

I have sent a message to the mapper. Waiting for a response.

A couple of other people have also commented on the changeset.

Noticed the island is back…

edit:given the island a little once-over as it rendered as one big dam area. :O)))