Do local searches on the data

The map is nice, but it’s only a picture, nothing I could really work with.

I’d like to be able to do a search on local stuff like supermarkets, post offices, recycling bins, cellular antennas etc. and read their attached data like opening hours, recycling types or network operator. Now I could open a map, zoom in far enough and load the map data tab, but it doesn’t really work well (inconsistent/unresponsive UI), needless to say that it’s inefficient as hell.

Is there any way to do such a search? Preferably on mobile devices (Android OS) or the web? I’ve been browsing the OSM Wiki but couldn’t find such a thing on a prominent place (like FAQ or beginner’s guide).

If not, what would I need to know and do to set up such a service? (Install PostGIS, regularly load the world data, implement my own search logic and UI… maybe have a super-fast server?)

As an example:

Nominatim cannot search tags, only city names. First match for “recycling” was ~200 km away, second in Italy, third in the UK.

The other thing looks like build steps for some data conversion tool. I assume this was already meant for the DIY part of my question.

How about XAPI?

I suggest that you look at OpenStreetbrowser: (centred on Erlangen).

This is perhaps not exactly what you ask for, but it certainly demonstrates the same type of functionality.

also have a look at gosmore! This app has an incredibly fast search option about the objects that are even displayed as vector graphics.

gosmore crashed the moment I started it (Windows XP).

XAPI looks promising, at least for the DIY part. At least it has an easy API and returns usable data in not-so-bad time. There are requests that take forever, but if you cancel and retry after a few seconds it should work fine. I could overlay the data over the standard map and cobble together a nice Android app I think…