DMA Tag on Openstreetmap?

Hello, I’m curious why no one add dma tag to OSM data? I use TagInfo API to check if people use different tag name, but no avail.

  1. TagInfo - market
  2. TagInfo - dma
  3. TagInfo - design
  4. TagInfo - media

Search results | OpenStreetMap Taginfo

Is dma obsolete? Thank you.

Can you elaborate on your use case a bit? What specifically would you like to associate with a DMA? Are you mapping something or trying to make use of existing data?

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I don’t have particular use case, just curious and maybe want to map them if possible. But I’m not so sure if DMA is still used in current situation due to social media. As my understanding, dma/tma in general could help advertiser to target their audiences better based on their location in US.

The “designated market areas” are a proprietary system owned by The Niesen Company, and their boundaries don’t correspond to anything observable on the ground, so they may not be very appropriate for us to map. If I’m not mistaken, they’re defined based on counties, so someone can already use OSM’s county boundaries together with a list of counties covered by a given DMA to determine whether a location falls within that DMA.