DIY Etrex 10 Map broken - Bug or dump?

Hello everyone. I have created a map for my Etrex 10 with the following mkgmap style in which only towns are displayed. But this works only partially. The towns are displayed as a point but the name is missing. Am I too stupid to use mkgmap correctly or is it a bug? If it is a bug, can someone fix it? If I am too stupid, what am I doing wrong?

Link to the mkgmap style:

I use this method and after downloading I use osmfilter to delete everything from the map I don’t use.

I have now tried osmfilter but I am too stupid for that. I want to have only the places mentioned in the following link but I get only a 8KB small file with an empty map! What am I doing wrong?

I think you have to use

5)Start  in terminal
 ./osmfilter cb.osm --keep=" admin_level=  " >streets.osm

Otherwise send me the osm file.

Thank you very much for your help. Unfortunately my computer is too slow for this method. I have now found the Etrex10Downloader on the net. Disadvantage, it is only in German but that is not a problem for me.
The Etrex10Downloader also has a bug. Actually, after the download should be automatically created a Garmin IMG but that does not work. I have therefore built a batch file that does that with one click.
But I have found a second method. With the IMG from GPX it works not only with the properties specified in the Etrex10Downloader but with all GPX files that contain POI. I then load me with the GPX and then convert it with GPX2IMG to a Garmin IMG. Simple and easy!

Good for you :wink:

You need something like this in the end of the points file:

# The finalizer section is executed for each element when a rule with an element type matches

name=* {name ‘${name}’}