District roads

I have begun to map and to complete the district roads in Nepal.
The actual situation is :

Up to now I have updated the districts road in district 01 to 16 and 20 according to the mentioned data sources.
You can find the results in the wiki pages :http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Nepal/District_Roads (3)
I will continue this work.
But there are problems, where I need help :
In a lot of districts (17,18,19,28…) the roads are defined in (1) but I‘m not able to identify this roads in the OSM-map. In the GIS-Map(2) only the „old system“ roads are integrated (like 28A001R).
In OSM here the roads still have ref-tags according to the old system, ut without relations.
I can list the new defined district roads in the wiki-page as they can be found in (1).
But I need your help to complete the work in these districts (like I have done in the districts 01 to 16). That means : correction of the ref tags, defining the relations, inserting the results in the wiki-pages.

I just updated the district roads in District 21 (Ramechhap).
(see results here : https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Ramechhap)

Comparing the road length with the official values
(http://www.dolidar.gov.np/wp-content/up … ebpage.pdf ), I find unbelievable differences.

I controlled all values again and didn‘t find errors. What‘s going on here!!!

Looks strange…
This should be disputed via KLL with responsible ministery in Kathmandu…