Distribution of EXE Package for Garmin Base Camp

Hello everybody,

this is my very first post here at OSM and I hope this won’t go too wrong now …

On the page “https://garmin.opentopomap.org/” a file like “OpenTopoMap-Germany.exe” was previously
made available for download. This file can then e.g. installed on Windows 10 and the OpenTopo map
was selectable in Garmin BaseCamp.

Currently I cannot find this download entry. What’s wrong with that?

Best regards Carlo

Hi Carlo,

the .EXE installer is depreciated and replaced by the zip file (gmapi format). Just extract the folder to C:/ProgramData/Garmin/Maps.
That is alot cleaner than a questionable exe installer. (Although Windows users are used to execute any installer anyway… :laughing:)


is not happening. The Mapsource map appears.
but Basecamp map is not visible

I seem to have the same or a very similar problem. I extracted the downloaded file into C:/ProgramData/Garmin/Maps (in my case it’s otm-egypt.img) but it doesn’t show up in BaseCamp (v4.7.5), and neither in MapSource (v6.15.6). I already tried restarting the computer (Windows 10) but it didn’t help.

Can somebody please help me?