distinguish between cyclelanes

Hallo all together,

I would like to ask your opinion/advice.
Preup: In Germany it is most commen to distingush between a “Radfahrstreifen” (Picture1) and a “Schutzstreifen” (Picture2) using “cycleway=lane” or “cycleway=shared_lane” respectively. Recently I have been informend, that “shared_lane” should actually be used, if a cyclist may use the whole lane all the time (,which is not the case with a “Radfahrstreifen” and a “Schutzstreifen”), like in this examples: Picture3, Picture4, Picture5.
From what I could understand reading theese pages (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/NL:Cycleway, http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/NL:Key:cycleway, nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fietsstrook, http://www.fietsersbond.nl/de-feiten/verkeer-en-veiligheid/infrastructuur/fietspaden/wat-een-fietspad-en-wat-een-fietsstrook#.U_egyEjP_xw), you distinguish between 3 types of cyclelanes: “fietsstrook met doorgetrokken streep” (DE:Radfahrstreifen ?), “fietsstrook met onderbroken streep” (DE:Schutzstreifen ?) and a “fietssuggestiestrook” (DE: n.a. ?). Where the first two are taggt with “cycleway=lane” and the thrid with “cycleway=shared_lane”. Please corrct me if I am wrong.
Now my question: Do you distinguish between the two “fietstrooks”. If yes, how? If no, is there an interest in doing so?

Best regards, Hubert

Hi Hubert,

I concentrate mostly on other things than lanes, so I don’t tag cycle-lanes very often, but I can add my opinion.

I would say the situation in the Netherlands is quite similar to Germany. There are some small differences, but I don’t think they are important. So Radfahrstreifen=“fietsstrook met doorgetrokken streep” and Schutzstreifen=“fietsstrook met onderbroken streep”.

I don’t agree that fietssuggestiestrook would be a cycleway=shared_lane. The fietssuggestiestrook has no legal meaning at all, it is just a painted road. We also have a Fietsstraat (http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fietsstraat), but it has also no real legal meaning.

I don’t think there is something like a shared-lane in the Netherlands like they have in Australia, Canada, and the United States. Sometimes bicycles are allowed to use the bus lane, but that is a separate tag.

When I read the English page (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Template:Map_Features:cycleway), the difference between cycleway=shared and cycleway=shared_lane, is just the markings on the road. In both cases there is only one lane for all traffic in a single direction. So I think the way you used to tag makes more sense. Schutzstreifen is a separate lane and it can be shared with other traffic, so shared_lane fits. cycleway=shared would fit the shared-lane marking. And bicycle=yes for “normal” roads. But if the current meaning is well established, it would be bad to change it’s meaning.


Hubert is correct that fietssuggestiestrook is tagged with cycleway=shared_lane according to this page: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/NL:Kaarteigenschappen#Fietskenmerken and the other two with cycleway=lane.
However since I see that in the first picture a blue traffic sign for compulsory bikepath is used, I would rather tag this lane as cycleway=track and the ones without cycleway traffic sign with cycleway=lane. If there is no picture of a bike on the road surface, it is called a fietssuggestiestrook which has legally no meaning at all, even if the marked lane is painted red.


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Thanks for the replies so far.
As for tagging this lane with cycleway=track, that is not really an option, because per definition a track must be sperated by a curb at least.

Ter info. Hubert heeft een voorstel gemaakt. Er zijn er hier vast wel een paar die er iets van vinden :wink:

Ik heb dit voorstel niet gevolgd maar inmiddels is er een stemming gaande over dit voorstel. Ik vind het wel wat warrig met termen als “usually” en “may be compulsory” etc. Als ik het goed begrijp blijft in NL de shared_lane (fiets suggestiestrook) wat ie was en zal een lane (fietstrook) met onderbroken strepen dan een soft_lane worden. Met doorgetrokken streek blijft een lane. Zien jullie dat ook zo?

Ik snap niet waarom men die fietsstroken met doorgetrokken streep niet tot de categorie cycleway=track kunnen rekenen en weer een nieuwe tag moet worden verzonnen.

Hubert, I dont understand why you need to introduce another tag if there is an existing tag as cycleway=track. Just add those lanes to the definition and you’re done.

Sorry for the late responce. I didn’t watch this topic.

If it was only up to me, we would’t have this convesation. :wink:
For me a cycleway=track needs to be separated from the roadway by a physical barrier.
Sadly, it doesn’t look to good for my proposal.