Distinct toll charge for vehicles transporting hazardous materials

Hi all,

There is a toll booth which charges a distinct value to vehicles transporting hazardous materials.
I would like to know if the right way to set this info would be adding an element suffixed with “/hazmat” to the charge tag of such node.

This is the toll both in question: https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/529775011

Thanks in advance

Technically there’s no “correct” method, because the tag is not formalized. It is incompatible with standard suffixes.

It’s clearer to split them up:

charge:motorcar:conditional=19.00BRL @ (Mo-Fr); 28.50BRL @ (Sa-Su)
charge:motorcycle:conditional=9.50BRL @ (Mo-Fr); 14.20BRL @ (Sa-Su)
charge:hgv:conditional=66.30BRL @ (Mo-Fr); 99.40BRL @ (Sa-Su)
charge:conditional=*BRL @ (Mo-Fr AND hazmat); *BRL @ (Sa-Su AND hazmat)

You would want to tag this on the https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/42475060 itself too.