Distance between two GPS

Hey guys,
I have no idea how to, or even is possible in some way, but maybe there is an app, or someone of you have any idea how to! Please note, that I have no skills for coding or programming.

Will travel around my own country borders as close as possible, but before I do, I need data: min, max and average distance between any point in my route to closest point of the border.

I guess, it could be two gpx tracks – one is my route, other country borders. It means, that in every meter of my routehace to find the closest point to other track (border)

I guess I did made myself clear, picture for visual in the link

outcome could be in any format, as long as there is a result with data.

This aim seems to be not really OSM related, IMHO.

Try ask this maybe on https://gis.stackexchange.com/ ?

Will try, thanks