Displaying way names in View mode

Hi everyone,

I am wondering why for many smaller roads and tracks, and even some highways, the name of these is not displayed at all, no matter the zoom level. Is there a way to forceably reveal the names? I have verified that theys ways actually have names as they are assigned when viewed in Edit mode.


Names will not show if they are longer than the lenght of the way. Do you see it happen on short ways with long names?

Other nearby symbols or symbol labels could also cause dropped road labels.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

No, it doesn’t matter on the road length. Take http://osm.org/go/ueDFnQKSJ-?layers=000BFTF for example. The issue is most prevalent with minor road types.


The roads you linked to do not have a name. The fact that they show up with a red outline in the NoName map should be a giant clue.

“NoName map”?

NoName map: go to osm.org, and click on the + top right. From the menu, select the No Name map. That map will highlight all unnamed roads with a red outline.

Thanks - I hadn’t realised what that one was, I’m learning! :confused: