Displaying restaurants


I understand that restaurants are not displayed in the map.

  • Is there a map which displays restaurants, too?
  • Or, how can I produce such a map myself?


The key ‘amenity=restaurant’ renders in both osmarender and mapnik, when a node is tagged.


However, I am a bit confused since I checked this some time ago
and I am quite sure that just pubs have been displayed in the

Anyway … I found also this page: http://www.lenz-online.de/cgi-bin/osm/osmpoinit.pl/
(displays all the pois you want)


That is really cool…I’ve just spent way too long looking at that.

I love all these new tools that are appearing for OSM, it’s really going to drive forward consistency in the data, and motivate people also.

Very cool indeed, it really shows that there lies cool stuff ahead…