Displaying an OSM map with elevation data?


We are trying to show an elevation based OSM map on our site.

So far we have found several dataset with global elevation data, but we can’t get the elevation data into an OSM map.

Is there a simple way to do this - or some exisiting sample we can look at?

What we would like to do is:

  1. Create a map with different elevations in different colors.
  2. Create a map with areas below a certain elevation in a different color.


You are describing a map with hypsometric coloring. There are some examples on the web of people doing this using gdal routines to create the color layer which is then applied to OSM data rendered on a different layer.

Looks like TileMill might be able to do this for you: https://tilemill-project.github.io/tilemill/docs/guides/terrain-data/

… or try the OSM based closed-source software http://maperitive.net/

Excellent tips. Thanks a lot.