Display Route on the map

Hi guys,

I’m new to this project… and till now I manage to do all the basic things that I need… :slight_smile:
However I’m trying to display route on the map without success… :frowning:

The last thing that I did for that was = >
route.SaveAsGpx(new FileInfo(“output.gpx”).OpenWrite());

and from here I would like to ask some help…



You’ll need to explain in a bit more detail what you’re actually trying to do…

It looks like you’re using some code from somewhere to do something with Openstreetmap data, but without any information about what you’re actually trying to achieve and what code you’re using and on what platform people will be unlikely to be able to help.


Many thanks for your prompt answer! :slight_smile:

Well, I’m using that example = > http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/87944/WPF-Map-Control-using-openstreetmap-org-Data.

It’s a great example for me to understand the things around openSteetMap.

  1. I have changed the thing over there for my own purposes, so instead of using to search for specific location, I’m using a bicylestations.csv file to load all the stations and create markers for them on the map.

  2. I’m using the Router class to resolve those stations =>
    var resolved = router.Resolve(Vehicle.Bicycle, new OsmSharp.Math.Geo.GeoCoordinate(latitude, longitude));

3.And then I’m using RouterTSPWrapper to calculate the TSP router between all stations.
var tspSolver = new RouterTSPWrapper(new RouterTSPAEXGenetic(1000, 200), router, interpreter);
var route = tspSolver.CalculateTSP(Vehicle.Bicycle, resolvedPoints.ToArray());
route.SaveAsGpx(new FileInfo(“output.gpx”).OpenWrite());

  1. So, my next step will be display that route on my map. (I think that I will need to use create LayerOsm or something like that).
  • I’m trying to work with the examples.

Please advise and again thanks for your help!! :slight_smile:

I’ve not seen many/any WPF questions asked via the OSM help site https://help.openstreetmap.org/ , so maybe you’re better off asking via your example’s comments:



Many thanks for your respond.
“Bad” news for me… ;-(

Will do that… have to be a way to that…:wink:

Thanks again.