Display elements based on conditional restrictions


I’m looking for a tool that would allow me to display elements based on the date.
The idea would be to be able to map road closures and works that are planned for a fixed period of time.
I’ve had a look at conditional restrictions and it seems to fit what I expect, but I would like to also display those and be able to add comments to the restrictions (which company, what for, etc).

Is there a tool that allows to display these restrictions, based on the current date?



is not correct unless the works are regularly scheduled. You are looking for


. Current proposal: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/temporary_(conditional)
Personal suggestion on key:


You will need to make your own, not sure how difficult is parsing the date. Start by querying for the tag on Overpass.

In general temporary road closures are unlikely to be mapped with any degree of systematic effort on OSM.

However, I would agree that an overpass query for conditional & temporary tags is the way to go. I’d presume you’d need to post-process, although there have been some demonstrations of powerful regexp on date fields for overpass (see the OHM mailing list). The data could then be used as an overlay on the conventional map.