Disable Christmas animation

How do I disable the Christmas animation?

Some people like me do not celebrate Christmas at all, and sadly in my case, I found it offensive due to personal experiences (long before joining OSM) that I cannot disclose.

I’m sorry, I appreciate that many of you like Christmas: that is fine, but in my case, it’s brings back really bad memories.

Where are you seeing a Christmas animation?

People say that there is snow or something like that in JOSM (I haven’t run it today).

So there is - some sparkly falling winter-festival-neutral snowflakes. A logical place to comment about that would be at JOSM’s tracker, I think:


However, I would go easy on them there because I’m sure it was simply intended to be a “delightful feature”.

I forgot to say it was JOSM. I am very sorry about the oversight.

It was introduced with r14578. It seems there is no simple way to disable it unless you want to change the date on your computer.
I suggest to open a JOSM ticket.

Relax: It is not Christmass, it’s winter snow. And yes: as 90% of worlds’s population lives on the N hemisphere we may cal it globally winter this time of year.
Better snowflakes in JOSM than all the commercial activities down town.

Yeah, idea is nice, but I also don’t think this is really something you should spend time on. Fortunately it is only visible when no map is downloaded but I think it is a stupid thing to do.
It are also not snowflakes but stars.

Looking at this piece of code I think it will be on from december 17 until december 31.

	    private static boolean isChristmas() {
	        Calendar c = new GregorianCalendar();
	        c.setTime(new Date());
	        return c.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_YEAR) > 350;

No, it is not about christmas. Not at all.

Oh, I have no problem with christmas, but as you said the snow in these days is only for the north. Summer is coming here… :smiley:
Proud to be in the remaining 10%, let’s hope for a global community that respect all minorities.

Besides that, this easter egg consumes extra cpu and energy.

And we all wonder why JOSM keeps growing and growing with every change they make.