Directory from Openfietsmap Lite has no map, tiles_not_found.txt

I request a map this morning, and just received an email saying it’s ready. However, the directory does not contain a map for my Garmin or Mac, but instead the generic files (.typ and license), a tiny ZIP file and a tiles_not_found.txt that seems to be listing all the tiles I selected. My map was going to be a routable bicycle (Openfirtsmap lite) map of the Western side of the USA and British Columbia.

If it helps, this is the directory I was sent a link to.

Is this a transient error? Should I retry later?

I have selected the whole western part of Canada and US, dont know if this is part of the area you were looking for. Anyway, you can download it here. Maybe there was a temporarily error on the server?

Thanks I’ll give those a try.

They work, thanks. I do however have a question about the map itself (maybe I should start a new thread). Why is the map so much “rougher?” Look at the shape of the lake and other features in the image below (Basecamp from the download on the left, OSM Web site on the right). Is it because the Openfietsmap is older? Does it simplify shapes to make the maps smaller, and if so how? How much does Openfietsmap lag behind OSM if any? I am adding local bike trails and don’t want to generate a new map until Openfietsmap has caught up.

No need to start a new topic, you can adjust the title into Openfietsmap Lite questions or so :wink:

There are a few reasons why the Garmin maps dont look so cool. Most important reason is the Garmin grid, it is much less fine than the pixels you see on the website. Therefore mkgmap (the software we use) cannot make smooth nice lines. Straight buildings become zig zagging blocks, perfect circles become jagged circles like the path of a drunkard :frowning:

Another reason is that you look at a “lite” version. To save disk space and make the drawing faster, things got even worse. The more you zoom in, the better the rendering gets, but at lower zoomlevels the maps look very ugly, unfortunately.

Last reason has to do with those zoomlevels. I can make a better map for the US, but I have developed this map for the Netherlands. Due to imports OSM is very detailed, almost TOPO level. Every single patch of grass is a separate polygon. Therefore I have to generalise things when you zoom out, otherwise your Garmin device wouldnt cope with the map. There in the US OSM is almost empty. If someone wants to make a better looking map, you can easily preserve the highest detail level (smoothest lines) when you zoom out more.

Your last question: look under the map at to see the date the map is generated. It depends on Lambertus when he has time to run this service. It can be once a week or two, or once a month.