Direction for barrier=spikes

While travelling overseas I came across several permanently-installed spikes in the road to prevent cars driving the wrong way down one-way roads. Should I add direction tags to these (similar to the direction tags for stop / give way signs), as traffic is permitted in one direction? (barrier=spikes / direction=backward (assuming road is marked oneway=yes))

What do you think of using access:forward/backward better for these? Maybe this would make it a bit more clear which driving side is permitted to access and which one not.

Since key “direction” refer to cardinal directions ( we should use suffixes “forward”/“backward” like “access:forward=yes” where “forward” refer to the direction of the corresponding way.

Unless direction is placed on a stop or give way sign, in which case forward/backward are ok. see “useful combination” on

Thanks for the replies so far. I’m actually asking whether I need to add direction tags, not how to add them. My reasoning is that without the direction tag, it could be assumed that traffic is blocked in both directions (rather than just in one direction).

Without any direction-related tag, this is almost certainly going to be interpreted as blocking traffic in both directions. Therefore, adding the direction in some fashion seems essential to me.

It seems there was at least one other mapper who was facing this problem in 2017:
Doesn’t look as if much came from it, but you could always ask them what they ended up doing. :slight_smile: