DigitalGlobe Premium Imagery is no longer available in JOSM?

DigitalGlobe Premium Imagery is still an important imagery data source though Maxar Premium Imagery is available.

Compared to DigitalGlobe, Maxar Premium Imagery has several defects though its images are mostly newer.

  1. It’s extremely slow making large scale mapping painful.
  2. Image distortion is very serious. You can see straight roads become curve roads and house are not facing the same direction.
  3. In some location, its data is still much older than DigitalGlobe.

It will be nice if we can keep DigitalGlobe Premium Imagery available…

Maxar/DG has turned the old source off, so except if you can convince Maxar to revive it, I’m afraid you are out of luck.

Regarding speed of Maxar you can install the josm http2 plugin which should speed up the imagery load for this source. However as this a pretty new plugin you may face some bugs in JOSM.


I am wondering how this htpp2 add-ins work. I install Java 11 and http2 plugin. I confirm that the JSOM is using Java 11 by checking the about window. But I still feel that Maxar Image service is very slow as before. I am not sure whether this add-in is active.