DigitalGlobe imagery for OSM editing

Posting an update, on behalf of DigitalGlobe, I’m pleased to announce the release of two new imagery layers for the purposes of editing, tracing and validating OSM. You will see these in the new (just released!) iD editor 2.2 release and in JOSM very soon. Diary entry (longer read) here:

Please provide feedback and questions either here or on the diary.

Best Regards, Kevin Bullock

OSM and Twitter username: @kevin_bullock


As you may have expected this has already generated a lot of excitement. So many thanks to you & your colleagues at Digital Globe, and Bryan and co at MapBox for getting it in the editors.


I’m in OSM since early 2008.

Nearly crying from happiness! :smiley:

Well, just checked the imagery from DigitalGlobe for my area of interest. Unfortunately there is no difference with quite old Bing imagery.

Maybe other mappers will be more lucky! :slight_smile:

@kevin_bullock, thanks anyway

Send me coordinates. Also, please note there will be updates and new coverage forthcoming. Appreciate the feedback


In Buenos Aires and other regions of Argentina the images are 2013, quite old, consider for an update. Thank you.

Thanks a lot! This is very, very appreciated.

Is there something we could do to get these images on JOSM?

They should be in your list of aerial imagery. If not, press the refresh button on preferences tab for aerial imagery.

Sent you the coordinates for my area of interest via a private message on

Finally one provider added hi-res of the last missing towns that are district centers in my region. Thanks!

Hi Kevin,

It’s a great event for all OSM contributors. Appreciated, if you could kindly give us the Digital Globe imagery URL that can be used with JOSM editor.


JOSM will automatically get the new imagery, with a bit of help:

Go into Imagery / Imagery preferences
DigitalGlobe* should be listed on the top section. If not, press the “Refresh” icon (double arrows) to the lower right of the map.
If DigitalGlobe* is not listed in the lower section, select those entries in the top section, then press the “Activate” down arrow.
OK to save new options.

Hi Kevin,

That was really good. I checked with some cloud areas. That is so clear on those areas.

I am so happy,
Thanks a lot.

I’m really happy. Bing coverage is very limited in my country (Indonesia), sometimes there’s no imagery at all in some areas.

Thanks a lot, really!

Been happy using DigitalGlobe Premium for few months. But later it isn’t available anymore and shows the same as Bing instead. Is my country not covered anymore or what happened? I really miss DigitalGlobe :frowning:

Not sure if this is related, but last month DigitalGlobe stopped working for me in JOSM but resumed working after updating JOSM to version 13053.