DigitalGlobe access tokens for use with OSM Editors


We are developing a new OSM editor for SketchUp users called SketchOSM. (More info to be released very soon! :slight_smile: )

We are planning to use DigitalGlobe imagery for tracing. We have an existing relationship with DigitalGlobe and when I asked them if we could use the OSM DG license (i.e. same access token used by iD and other editors) in our application, this was the response from DigitalGlobe:

So my question here is:
How do I get access to the iD DigitalGlobe tokens and how can I be notified when they get updated?

Thank you!


Note you will definitely reach a larger dev audience on the dev mailing list.

Ps: is this related to the new OSM 3d model repository, or what is the intended use scenario for the editor?

Thank you! I have contacted the other devs using the mailing list.

This has nothing to do with the osm 3d model repo. We will be announcing details of the editor soon (I hope) :slight_smile:

Ahem have you talked this (whatever it is) through with people involved in 3d modelling in OSM?

We are planning to release a beta very soon and will be looking to get feedback from those involved in 3D OSM modelling.