Difficulty with combining paths (JOSM)

Sorry to bother those who use dwell in the forum again but I want to know why I cannot combine these paths.


I have them devided up as seen in this:


Is it possible to combine them or will I have to do each line/pair of nodes individually?

Thanks for your help.

Combining ways is more than just taking a clump of ways and merging them together. You have to merge the end of one onto another. So it still creates a single flowing line. On that last image I think you could merge ways and make that entire thing out of 5 ways, assuming everything about them is the same which I dought (name=?).

Basically it’s telling you, ‘you can’t stick these ways together end to end, cause that’s just a tangled cobweb of ways, not a set of ways in a line’

I got it working now. Thanks for that.