Difficulty selecting way in JOSM

I’m trying to select a street (way) in JOSM. Its nodes are also part of a place=city_block area which is the way object that gets selected when I click on the street.

Is there a way to cycle through which object gets selected when you click on something?

On my Linux I push the ALT button an cycle through the objects by clicking the left mouse button. On windows? I don’t know.

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You can also middle click to cycle through overlapping objects (or select them from the popup list that’s displayed using ctrl)


Yes, left click while holding Alt (or Alt Gr) or middle click for pop-up, see Help/Action/Select – JOSM.

Edit: left instead of right plus added Alt Gr

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Thank you! Middle-clicking worked. Alt-clicking does nothing for me (on Linux, but possibly old JOSM version; the version in Arch’s repository hasn’t been updated in a while :face_with_diagonal_mouth:).

This has not changed for years but left Alt might already be occupied by the WM. Try right Alt or Alt Gr.

No Alt Gr key, neither left nor right Alt work. :person_shrugging: Middle-clicking works though, so I’ll stick with that!

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You can use JOSM to always have the latest stable version (will update once a new version is published). I am on an Arch based system as well and it’s working fine with java-17-openjdk.

Just for the record: Implementation of a “third” click to cycle through overlapping objects depends on OS and hardware.