Different Stats


I have imported the planet.osm file to my pgsql db, but I’m seeing different stats/numbers from the ones we see on openstreetmap website.

Example: craft=winery (osm website: 138) (pgsql db: 54) (searching planet xml file: 118)

How can this numbers be so different ? I can’t understand specially why the planet xml file has less craft=winery them the osm website stats page. Are the stats on osm website not updated ?


Where are you looking at the osm website ?

On taginfo.openstreetmap.org (which is probably the source your are looking at) the data was last updated on 2014-10-28 23:59 UTC and tells me there are 139 craft=winery. You can see them split out per node, way, relation here: http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/tags/craft=winery
My explanation is that you are using a different algorithm to determine your numbers.

Or maybe you found a bug in the taginfo algorithm.


that is correct, on osm website the total craft=winery is 139, where theres 75 nodes, 63 ways and 1 relation.

When I count them on the full planet xml file, using baregrep (http://www.baremetalsoft.com/baregrep/) I only have a total of 118 craft=winery. I’m searching for (v=“winery”) and amenity=winery returns the total 154 like osm website reports, so only craft=winery does not.

Also using osmosis to get only craft=winery gives me a total of 54 and amenity=winery 154, so again craft=winery give me a problem.

How can different software give me different results for a tag ?