Different spellings of street names in Italy

A question for the Italian-speaking users here. I have created some changes in Northern Italy and have now received some osmosis errors regarding similiar street names, which I would now like to fix.
As I don’t speak Italian myself, I would like to exchange with the local community what is the best-practise there.

Case number 1 is the Acute accent and Grave accent characters.
For example, one part of the street is tagged Corsetana, the other Corsetána. Which spelling would be correct here?
Would it be possible to tag the name with acent as name:it and the one without as name? Whereby this would probably trigger the one error with “local name and name different”.

Case number 2 would be the spelling as camelcase. As an example:
Via al Demanio or Via Al Demanio? Or also la Víla or La Víla?

In both cases there is no street sign on site.

I thought I remembered that there was even a wiki page on this, but unfortunately I can no longer find it via the search. Many thanks for your support!

Case 1: the correct way to tag the name would be to search for the official name on the Comune’s website, but without access to it the best option is to add it without the accent. This because accent in Italian are used mostly on the last vowel of a noun (e.g. Bontà) both to indicate where the accent is and as a diacritic

Case 2: this is trickier. In Italian grammar the only noun with upper case are Proper noun. In this case it’s probably correct to indicate “Via al demanio” since the demanio is the common way to refer to the State properties.

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