Different address structure


In Bulgaria in certain parts the address is a standard street number + street name, but there are many cases where it it building number + suburb. I also found a few that have both (and the street number differs from the building number…).

What is the correct way to enter such addresses in osm, and how is one expected to search for them?



, but it is not intended to be used together with


, so currently there’s no separate


for street building number and place building number .

For double addressing use additional address point inside a building

Ok, got it. So addr:place+addr:housenumber for those. And a point inside the building for alternate address, if any. I still have to decide on a primary though.

Another minor question: normally, for the building number and suburb, the building number is prefixed with “бл.” (short for блок, meaning appartment building). It helps differentiate between street number and building number. Shall I include it in the addr:housenumber, and should I have an “en:*” field for translation?