difference between standard layer and humanitarian layer

At first, I am a beginner. A few days ago I changed the building label and now I can see in the humanitarian layer my change and in the standard layer there is still the old description. I don’t think that I have changed in both, isn’t it?


Hi Pfaelzer56.

OSM is the raw geographic data, so you only need to change in one place. Then every map producer (data consumer) takes this data and renders the map according with their needs, so you can see your changes in some rendering and not in another one. Also, as it is not possible to render all the data in only one map, every map producer choose the type of object they want to display, and how to display them

See https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/56241/why-is-the-standard-updated-but-cycle-transport-and-humanitarian-still-show-old-data



I would expect the opposite to happen.

The standard layer is provided primarily as an aid to mappers, and secondarily as a technology demonstrator. High zoom levels are normally updated very quickly, but low ones can take much longer.

The humanitarian layer is a third party product, intended for a particular type of end user. It is provided as a technology demonstrator. It is typically updated on about a weekly cycle.

To answer why you are seeing a difference we need the specific object, e.g. https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/294676140

It may be a result of caching by your browser. Try shift-F5.

Note that you cannot obtain house numbers from Bing aerial imagery so it is missing a source tag, or equivalent information in the changeset comment.

Dear boths thanks for your answer,
for a beginner itis difficult to understand. The link https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?query=Petersb%C3%A4chel#map=18/49.06541/7.69958 with the building name “Wasgau Peter Bauernbrotbäcker” changed in " is the example. But now!!! (not this morning, and yesterday) wonder, wonder in both layer my change is visibel. Yesterday and this morning I cleaned my chache several times - this wasnot the problem. Okay I think it needs some days for changing. I had the same problem with the housenumber that I added. The new created building (Zimmerköpfel No 4) was immediately visibel.