Developer of ?

at first, I apologize for writing in English; unfortunately, my Russian is really bad. :frowning:

Presently, I am developing a public transport map, but I did not manage to order the numbers which are attached to the bus lines, in an ascending sequence. Your map seems to be perfect in this matter:

May I have a look in your configuration file “osm.xml”? Or may I get contact to the developer of your map?

Best regards & congratulations to your map!

Marqqs, there’s no problem with English.

The whole thing is done inside a perl script, that edits data before importing, collapsing all the numbers from relations into tags on lines and merging the lines. The osm.xml file is trivial then: just render each of generated bus_ref, tram_ref, trolley_ref and share_taxi_ref in own color.

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Hello Komяpa,
thanks for your quick reply!
Sounds very interesting. Will try to contact you directly.