Designated bathing water sites

Hi all,

I’ve just read a BBC News article on New swimming sites for England which led me to the Environment Agency’s data on bathing waters in England.

The data appears to be licenced as OGL 3.0. I was wondering if this data had been included in OSM yet? Or if it could be used as a checklist to see if we’ve mapped the sites? Presumably such places could be tagged as leisure=bathing_place?

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I had a similar thought when I saw the data set for Scotland a while ago. I also think that leisure=bathing_place could be a good fit for many of the “bathing waters” in the UK. The data should also contain the EU bathing water ID which can be recorded in the OSM tag ref:EU:bwid.

There’s also leisure=swimming_area, which may apply to some designated bathing waters, e.g.