Is this the ‘correct’ way, or is there another way to link a wikidata/wikipedia-description of ‘something’ (in this case a Kunstacademie) ? →

Presumably the school has a website that says a bit about what they are; I’d just link to that.

If they are notable enough to have their own wikipedia page then link to that too, but I don’t think that a “description:wikipedia” tag in OSM makes any sense at all.

As you can see, there are (at least) 2 ‘several’ schools in that building, with ‘separate’ websites and contact-info →
so, it is not possible to tag 2 websites(and separate info) on that whole area , that is why i wait a bit to change that tagging… maybe they could be ‘added’ at that wikipedia-link here →

It makes no sense to add a “description:wikipedia” on this, just as it wouldn’t make sense on a supermarket to add a “description:wikipedia” pointing at “en:Supermarket”.

OK, i get the point, and removed those descriptions:wikidata/wikipedia . :wink: