deprecated / invalid "full_name" tag

I’ve discovered that many places have the full_name=* tag, mostly for schools (, but according to the wiki (, there seems to be no such tag. When searching for something based on the value for “full_name”, and it shows that there are no results, or the results are not what you are searching for. The full_name tag might be an invalid tag.
I have some suggestions for alternate tagging:

  1. Enter the full name at the regular name=* tag, and the abbreviated name at short_name=* tag (short_name with multiple values separated by semicolon (:wink: seems like not working while searching)
  2. Change full_name to official_name (official name are according to names registered officially but sometimes it contain short form in their names, such as kampung → kg)
  3. Change full_name to alt_name, alt_name can have multiple values separated by semicolon (:wink: and it is searchable

Not a very common tag. Quite concentrated in Peninsular Malaysia vs the whole world.

At a glance, that’s what I’ve been doing (numbers 1 and 3, sometimes number 2) if I see these, manually.