Deprecate the use of stars=* tag for hotels in US

Since in US there’s no official regulatory body managing hotel star ratings and each hotel can rate themselves however many stars they want, it serves no purpose other than promotional/advertisement for the hotels.
As such, I suggest we deprecate the use of stars=* ( tag in and proactively remove it from all tourism=hotel ( features in US.


There are at least two agencies that rate hotels on a five-shape scale in the US: Forbes and AAA. Their ratings often don’t line up and are targeted at different demographics, and neither actually uses all 5 shapes (Forbes is Recommended, 4 star, 5 star; AAA is Approved, 3 Diamond, 4 Diamond, 5 Diamond). This alone makes them unsuitable to use in stars=. It’s probably useful to include that data somewhere, but not in stars=.

Another relevant consideration is that hotels in the U.S. rarely post their stars on signs, either indoors or outdoors. This contrasts with hotels in Europe, where :star: symbols are practically part of the hotel’s name, at least in terms of signage.

All of US have been vanquished of star=* tag on hotels.

If you spot any new ones pop up, feel free to nuke them to maintain the data quality.


Added a section to the wiki page.

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Thank you.

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I am late to the discussion, but I don’t think that under their terms of use, we are allowed to republish the Michelin ratings:

Scroll down to 7. Our materials

I don’t think anybody is claiming that we should use Michelin guide’s ratings.
And even if, who decided that Michelin is the one that should be used? Expedia has star ratings too, yelp does too, Google too and dozens, if not hundreds others. They are all arbitrary ratings by private companies who are not responsible to anybody but themselves and their stockholders.
They are not objective, consumer-centric organizations like FTC or FDA or other regulatory agencies.

The wiki now says “Please use the most current edition of the Michelin Guide as a reference.” That sounds like we are saying that it is ok to tag restuarants with the number of stars that Michelin has assigned to them.

That is why they can be protected IP.

But that’s in the restaurants section. This topic is specifically about hotels.

My bad. Ok, I might start a new thread about restaurants.