Deprecate emergency=control_centre in favor of emergency=psap

emergency=control_centre and emergency=psap are duplicates, both for tagging Public safety answering point - Wikipedia buildings. Looks like the US uses psap, and EU uses control_centre.

psap has no wiki page, and control_centre does, however, 1800 objects are tagged as psap compared to 300 control_centre.

Given that psap is in wider use, and is also more specific than control_centre, I would like to deprecate control_centre and promote psap as the preferred tag. Does anyone have objections to this?

The truth is almost all =psap has been mass added as seen from the jump this year, not purely “in wider use” osm tag history
Abbreviations should be avoided. British term or English is preferred, unless there are confusions.
However, =control_centre itself is unnecessarily restricted to receiving emergency calls. This ignores disaster response coordination centers, and command centers of emergency services.
Call taking, and emergency responder dispatching, can be located separately. Secondary PSAP doesn’t get called directly, only gets redirected to, then dispatching the needed units.
I prefer eg emergency=control_centre + control_centre=emergency_calls (as a start)
“Communications” was mentioned at first, but there could be internal communications [Tagging] emergency=control_centre
Aside from emergency calls, Alarm monitoring center - Wikipedia . A fire service can have its own dedicated center to receive fire alarms, separate from the emergency calls center, nor directly connected to a local =fire_station .


I won’t say “objections”, but I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do, as I’ve never heard of the PSAP term before reading this thread!


I would agree that emergency=control_centre is a not-great tag, because:

  1. There are far more uses of the term “control centre” in the context of emergency services than “place where 9-1-1/9-9-9/1-1-2/etc calls are routed and answered by an operator”, and

  2. Is “place where 9-1-1/9-9-9/1-1-2/etc calls are routed and answered by an operator” really something that ought to be mapped with emergency=* anyway? They’re just offices where people answer phones and dispatch police/firefighters/ambulances. Other than the type of calls they answer they are no different in principle than a commercial call centre.

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The alarm ones could be office=alarm_monitoring_centre or similar.

I think emergency=control_centre is a far more straightforward tag than =psap, you barely have to look it up, unlike PSAP, and it seems to match the British term.

They might be a stretch from the point of view of verifiability on the ground, but if we’re going to have them I think the more straightforward term is the way to go.

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Straightforward terms are also easier to implement in an international context.

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my dictionary suggests
rescue coordination centre

but web lookup suggests it is used for maritime and air force facilities

If this term is not misleading because of different actual use, I think it would be easy to understand and more specific than control centre

If it’s a general emergency call centre I think this could be a little misleading. I don’t think fire calls always require rescue, and I think it would be a bit of a stretch for a lot of police calls too.

A “rescue coordination centre” (RCC), in the context of at the very least Canadian and American English, is a totally different thing. It is a place where search and rescue (SAR) operations are managed and coordinated, e.g. looking for people lost at sea or potential survivors of downed aircraft.

What about emergency=coordination _centre + coordination_centre=activity? Where the activity could be rescue, wild_fires or whatever the type of disaster or emergency service being managed.

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How to define the difference between “coordination” and “control” then? Is it needed? Should dispatching within a jurisdiction be considered differently from issuing a request to deploy for other countries?

The domain or branch should be generic, independent of the facility. There was some theoretical discussion on this possibility. Initial discussion: Possible new way of mapping emergency service areas & locations

Alright, thanks for the feedback! I don’t want to get too into the weeds in terms of disaster control centres, but I’ll create emergency=psap as a redirect to emergency=control_centre so there’s at least some documentation for it

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but I’ll create emergency=psap as a redirect to emergency=control_centre so there’s at least some documentation for it

I don’t think emergency=psap is a good tag, don’t use abbreviations, the documentation should discourage the use of this tag. This is just cryptic.


I don’t have a preference but was suggesting a different name for the key. In the US many locales use the terminology of “emergency management”.

This usually is applied to the office that manages all emergency services owned by an administrative region during a disaster. The office is charged will planing for and coordinating the different local agencies in the region. They often work with thier peers in nieboring regions.

I would say that these offices would be considered a coordinator as it is a civil organization in . Not having any military power any directions are considered as strong suggestions.