Dentist x-ray machine yes/no


some dentists has xray machine and some are not. i suggest we should specify if dentist has xray machine. also might be a specific day for xray, so also we can specify the days.

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From personal experience I would have assumed they all do. They are used as part of the basic assessment when you go to a new practice.

However this isn’t easy to verify unless a mapper has registered with and visited the practice in question they are unlikely to know.

Basic tagging should be verifiable without being a patient and this level of detail is therefore going to be very hot and miss, for this reason I would say it is a bad idea.


healthcare=medical_imaging has xray=yes . Thought other abbreviated forms ct= (CT means current transformer in electricity) and mri= (oddly only a problem as suffix, due to Maori language) might not be the best, while the full form is more technical and lengthy.


The main question would be: What’s the goal you want to achieve by adding this information to OSM?

As @trigpoint pointed out, it’s pretty hard to gather this information and it not really a main focus of a typical mapper. So if your aim is to have a kind of collection where to go for getting a dental xray, OSM might be the wrong community to gather that information.

If you just want to map it, xray=yes might be useful. But it’s just part of an proposal: Proposal:Medical Imaging - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I’m not a specialist on that, so not sure whether there are different xray’s existing. The one you will find at a dentist is a bit different from the one you will find in a hospital to xray your arm. :wink:

That would be xray=panoramic since that’s the kind of xray that it’s done by/for dentists. Although such value isn’t documented of course.

It might be off topic here, but just came to my mind: Xray and CT are also used for scanning goods/persons during security checks (like at airports,…) as well as at border controls.

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