Denmark - Fix Incorrect Highway Junctions

Hello OpenStreetMap Denmark,

Today i would like to share with you a new MapRoullete challenge type (Denmark - Fix Incorrect Highway Junctions: MapRoulette). the objective of this challenge is to Identify and fix if needed, cases where highway junctions are incorrectly or imprecisely mapped.

We improve overall OpenStreetMap (OSM) route network quality by solving real errors in the data. We found leads based on spatial analysis of OSM data. We excluded pedestrian paths and cycleways along and applied a distance buffer to generate a set of incorrect situations for junctions, that you will find in this challenge.

Why is it important? to ensure that highway junctions are connected within OSM is crucial for optimised routing. When road elements are disconnected or imprecisely mapped, it can degrade the navigation experience for routing applications that rely on OSM data, leading to inefficient directions, delays, and potential navigation errors.I trust you will find this challenge valuable for enhancing OpenStreetMap in Denmark. There are 84 tasks only distributed throughout the country.

Wishing you a good time with your editing!
Salim, TomTom